ERC Kosovo

ERC Kosovo is focused and committed in building relationships in the Balkans. Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to grow our business reach. We strive in Executive search in different industries like Telecom, Banking & Finance, Retail, Insurance, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial Services, Retail, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, SecretMontserrat & Business Support. The aim has always been to discover new solutions in talent placements for our clients.

Key Team Members

Dardan Reka
Dardan RekaBusiness Development Manager

Dardan Reka is responsible for marketing and coordinating ERC International business development activities. He maintains relationships with clients, tracks external networking events and assists with internal business operations.

Erblina Asani
Erblina AsaniRecruitment Consultant
Erblina Asani started her experience as a Recruiter in June of 2021 with ERC International where she discovered her love of helping people achieve their dreams and goals while she achieves her own dream of becoming a Professor of Interior architecture.Read More
Qendresa Jezerci
Qendresa JezerciRecruitment Consultant
Qendresa Jezerci started her experience as a Recruiter in July of 2021 with ERC International, where doing this job she is achiveing her goal of helping people out to find their desirable job.Read More
Ylleza Lika
Ylleza LikaRecruitment Consultant
Ylleza is a creative individual with excellent problem-solving skills. During her free time, she enjoys being creative and indulge in painting and drawing.Read More
Rina B. Tafili
Rina B. TafiliRecruitment Consultant
Rina B. Tafili started her experience as a Recruiter in March of 2021 with ERC International, Here she found the joy and importance of helping people get the opportunity they have all been dreaming for. Read More

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