What is Emiratisation?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) (Tawteen in Arabic) defines Emiratisation as a “campaign to mandate the employment of Emiratis in the job market giving a chance to their contribution to the economy”.

The main purpose of this campaign is to ensure the proper distribution of the workforce, affecting the private and public sectors. Private companies with more than 100 employees are obligated to meet the UAE National quota and key industries must oblige to a UAE National point system.

The applicable quotas are as follows:

  • 2% for commercial entities (where the entity has over 50 employees);
  • 4% for banks; and
  • 5% for insurance companies (where the entity has over 50 employees).

Irrespective of quotas, the Central Bank and Insurance Authority have the discretion to determine quotas and year on year increases for banks and insurance companies.

Moreover, it is estimated that less than one percent of the private-sector workforce is Emirati. The unemployment rate among Emiratis is about 13 percent. Hiring the local workforce will benefit the developing nation in better Emiratisation filling the talent gap.

Accordingly to Human Resources Authority, the number of Emirati jobseekers ranges from 12,000-13,000 annually, Emirates expecting to create more than 600,000 new jobs for future generations.

Emiratisation will transform the job market in the UAE into an empowering attractive job market for Emirati talents. With Dubai gearing up to host 2020 World Expo and with Abu Dhabi realizing its 2030 Vision, the need for qualified UAE Nationals will increase and engagement for this talent pool will intensify immensely.

ERC is committed to fill this talent gap and provide UAE Nationals the opportunity to progress.


ERC is one of the GCC region’s leading career visionaries in the Emiratisation and Saudization Talent Network. Our diverse and uniquely experienced consultants’ are building expert networks with Emirati, Saudi & Expat professionals within the government, semi-government, public, and private sectors.

As Gulf’s leading Recruitment Specialists, ERC has developed external networks and resourcing strategies to attract the best UAE National talent. We understand how to engage, motivate, and connect with clients and candidates, both internally and externally. Our experts know the importance to provide effective communication on recruitment to our clients and job seekers.

ERC supports Emiratisation and encourages our clients to consider UAE Nationals because we genuinely want to help find your ideal job.


The success of any organization depends on its ability to attract, hire, and retain the best people. Our turnaround time to screen and source candidates within 48 hours of assignment is key to our success.

We have proven expertise in managing Emiratisation placements with:

  • We have an extensive database of over 200,000 Emiratis and growing daily
  • End to End Account management tailored to each client
  • A detailed approach to recruitment focused on a special understanding of the market sectors we are involved in
  • A proven track record and expertise with government and semi-government entities
  • We handle from normal recruitment to executive search as well as recruitment campaigns in a timely manner and in large volumes supplying
  • High quality of candidates and clients


ERC has joined with prospective partners on its Emiratisation Campaign where hundreds of Emirates have lined up to take part.

  • We have delivered and lined-up candidates at times within a matter of a few hours depending on the Client’s request
  • We have provided numerous candidates for positions which are difficult to find
  • We have built amazing relationships with our candidates that are long-lasting


ERC respects the social, cultural, economic, and educational aspects of each UAE National. We admire all talent and work opened mindedly with each individual to exceed their needs. We have developed strategies to enhance cultural awareness within the company in understanding and respecting the UAE traditions, work culture of the Emirati population, and help the local talent integrate better in the job market.

Whether you are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any GCC region, our talented human resources and Emiratisation specialists are working endlessly to establish Emirati talent. With a Database over 200,000 and 500 placements, our Emiratisation recruitment can screen, select, and produce an expert presentation to your business. Our ability to generate countless leads and our ability to handle those according only offers further chances to hire, recruit, and expand Emiratisation. ERC Recruitment & Consulting has successfully helped shape the recruitment and training industry in the GCC region and has placed more jobseekers into relevant positions across the Gulf and UAE and Eastern Europe.

JOIN ERC in the path to employ Emirati talents and close the existing Emiratisation gap. By the end of 2020, an additional 250,000 Emiratis are expected to join the existing 310,000 in the workforce bringing the staggering number of Emiratis needing jobs to 560,000.

To actively drive Emiratisation Recruitment ERC has been raising the profile and brand realization for UAE Nationals across the Gulf, UAE, and across Eastern Europe. Join us at erc-int.com and innovate Emiratisation full force.

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