Being one of GCC region’s leading career visionaries in the nationalization talent network, our goal is to employ local talents and close the existing Emiratisation gap. ERC is at the fore front providing Emirati talent to organizations that seek nationals to fulfill their needs. Our extensive database of over 200,000 Emiratis and growing daily and our end to end account management is tailored to each client. We have proven expertise in managing Emiratisation placements and have joined with prospective partners on our Emiratisation campaign where hundreds of Emirates have lined up to take part. To actively drive Emiratisation recruitment, ERC has been raising the profile and brand realization for UAE nationals across the Gulf and UAE. Join us at ERC and innovate Emiratisation full force.

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How do we do it

We Specialize with job placements for Emiratis in the UAE while focusing on promoting Pan-National Programs like Emiratization and Saudization. A sustainable and progressive strategy to find, attract and secure Emirati talent is key to business success in the region.

We recognize the need that currently exists in GCC for competitive workforce in specific sectors and we are here to fill that need with high caliber workforce. Our recruiters deal with clients and candidates one-on-one, every day, resulting in a more personal and in-depth understanding of you and your business. This results in you getting the solutions you require to drive your business forward. We currently focus on hiring for the following sectors which include Telecom, Banking & Finance, Retail, Insurance, IT, Government and Semi Government.