CV Services

Don’t know where to begin your CV?

Need help with organizing your CV? ERC is here for you with professional CV Services. Our talent is to help you to sell your talents. To date we have prepared over thousands documents to support the job applications of our clients. Our team of client-service staff is always available.

CV Solutions

Our CV services help professionals climb the career ladder by creating a compelling profile which is their unique journey.

Entry SILVER Level OR Junior Level

  • CV Starter Pack-Ideal for 0-3 years of Work Experience.
  • Proficiently designed curriculum vitae CV highlighting your academic qualifications and the skills which suit the industry you want to work within.

Professional GOLD Level OR Mid-Level

  • Expert Pack-Ideal for professionals and Mid-Level Managers
  • Comprehensive CV with Cover Letter to highlight your professional skills and experience. The right keywords to format your performance and expertise
  • Professionally written cover letter

PLATINUM Level OR Executive Level

  • Legacy Pack-Ideal for Higher Management and Executives
  • Executively branded Cover Letter and CV with an in depth understanding of your managerial skills. Executive keywords to format your expertise and promote you as a leader.