Vice President – Innovations


Loction: Dubai

Nationality: UAE National

Industry: Telecom


  • Proven experience of having led and delivered significant revenue targets at a digital business within a large Organisation.
  • Minimum of 12 years of experience within Telecom and/or Digital services
  • Having worked in businesses and has an excellent understanding of the digital space, managed an enterprise and mobile commerce/financial services/payments space
  • Good understanding of enterprise Sales
  • Proficient with RFP evaluation, Vendor Selection, Contract Management, Financial and Technical process flows.
  • Has managed teams of 100+ employees
  • Budgeting OPEX/CAPEX/Investment Budgets, annual revenue target of AED 500k
  • Experience in presenting business opportunities to senior management and Investment committees


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Science in related technologies
  • Post Graduate study in business will be preferred
  • General Technology upskilling programs


  • Demonstrated ability to understand the strategic business objectives of the organization
  • Extensive experience in identifying, evaluating and implementing new business within a telco
  • Strong management skills.
  • Excellent organization and administrative skills
  • Superior interpersonal communication
  • Creative thinker with an open mind to learn and explore new areas and opportunities.
  • Strong willingness to take an organisation on a journey and to be the champion of collaboration
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biometric Authentication Platforms, Machine Learning (ML), Chatbots, VR/AR, IPTV platforms


  1. Develop Mid & Long-term digital services strategic plans that are company wide with both organic and inorganic lenses to ensure strategic alignment
  2. Develop and lead the evaluation of emerging opportunities in digital services and assess relevance to:
  • Keep up to date on technological developments and market and competitive developments in digital services domain
  • Assess relevance of opportunities for 
  • Report on opportunities and market trends and contribute to strategic decision-making (e.g. partnership model, organic development, acquisition)
  1. Prototype and conduct market testing of new ideas. Identify opportunities to convert advanced prototypes to commercial propositions liaising with DLI & BU teams (e.g. New Business) to transfer ownership.
  2. Grow innovation partnerships to develop digital services where appropriate. Negotiate and conclude agreements with partner companies to help us deliver the roadmap and strategic plan.
  3. Develop and maintain effective business relationship with all relevant stakeholders both internal and external (customers, partners & vendors)
  4. Work with Internal Stakeholders to align risks and opportunities from the business and ensure that Innovation agenda delivers solutions.
  5. Provide internal SPOC guidance on opportunities to redefine existing content & platform agreements and programs
  6. Manage, monitor & report the performance of the function.
  7. Utilise Network to drive education of the business in the emerging Digital & Innovation trends
  8. Build and manage a Innovation team responsible to uncovering opportunities and executing in market


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