At ERC International we believe that through a fully comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, we can offer a service second to none.We hire from entry level to top management. Additionally we offer a number of services which can be tailored to meet your needs taking into consideration cost, time, sensitivity and availability of talent. ERC International goes extra mile to ensure all our clients have the tools available during the recruitment campaign. We continually invest in IT systems to ensure we have the most updated information for the recruitment mandate, through our highly skilled consultants.


Our Recruitment Process

Where we understand their culture and specific requirements.

We review applications, research our database, perform direct headhunting searches as well as look into referrals.

We screen applicants via phone and fact-to-face to confirm whether or not they meet the job requirements.

We submit a list of shortlisted candidates to our clients along with our interview cover sheet notes, trackers and references.

We schedule interviews between candidates and clients, and support our clients by providing formal offers on their behalf if necessary.

We perform reference checks as part of our selection process for the selected candidates if required by clients or assist the HR department in facilitation of gathering all the submitted documen

We assist candidates in negotiating job offers, we present contracts and manage counter offers and respond to any questions that candidates might have.

We maintain contract with candidates and clients throughout the hiring process and after employment to ensure both parties are content.

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